Fiona Haynes Exhibition: The Collection (29 September – 19 October 2023)

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“The Collection” is an exhibition of ceramic artworks by Fiona Haynes on display in Plant Empire’s Glasshouse Gallery from 29 September to 19 October.

Fiona reimagines a collection of old printers’ trays and timber boxes as display cases for an insect collection that has been sculpted from clay:

“Over the last few years, I have been acquiring old timber boxes with the vision of creating this collection. The boxes have become homes for my insect creations. Insects have always featured in my artwork as I really enjoy the variety in the shapes and colors: nothing is ever the same and they seem so random, yet they are not."

"I have tried to create random insects in each timber box: some are carved, and others have been painted with underglazes and gold lustre. I have started with the intention of depicting insects; however randomness always seems to just happen, so the end result is always a surprise.”

Where to see the art

Fiona Haynes: The Collection
29 September – 19 October 2023
Plant Empire Glasshouse Gallery
281 Station Rd, Yeerongpilly
& online at

Purchased works from this exhibition will be available for collection or delivery in the week following the exhibition, from 20 October.

About the artist

Growing up in small Queensland rural mining communities, Fiona Haynes spent her childhood in a creative family environment where her abilities and interest in the arts were nurtured by her mother. Art and craft projects were a part of daily family life and there was never any question that her work life would not involve furthering those artistic pursuits. After completing undergraduate qualification in Fine Arts (Ceramics) and postgraduate qualifications in Education, Fiona started working in a Brisbane-based social enterprise, which she now manages. Over the years of working in the arts, Fiona has been an avid collector of objects: objects en masse is something Fiona enjoys, and part of her collecting obsession includes other people being involved in looking out for objects of interest.

You can follow Fiona on Facebook @ Fiona_The Collector or Instagram @fiona_the_collector.