Fiona the Collector Tin Doll: Condom Man

Fiona the Collector Tin Doll: Condom Man

This tin doll by Fiona the Collector transforms a condom tin into a whimsical domestic piece of art. The body of this tin doll are ceramic pieces that have been handmade especially for the tin in a persona that is designed to reflect the decorative pattern on the tin. This particular tin doll invites us to contemplate the thin line of latex that separates the macho man in sexy boxer shorts from a multitude of babies. As a humorous gift, this tin doll reminds us that while there might be days when we might have wished we'd reached for such a tin, ultimately boxer shorts and babies bring much happiness.

Tin dolls are quirky one-of-a-kind artworks by mixed media artist, Fiona Haynes, using collectable tins, both vintage and new. The lids on the tin doll artworks are intentionally secured so that they have no functional use except to be admired and adored in your home; as such, they are not suitable for use as mundane domestic ware, such as for storing condoms.

Size: approx. 10cm x 25cm x 5cm. Tin dolls have a wall hook on the back.

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