Jane du Rand Studio Class (29 Jan & 12 Feb 2022)
Jane du Rand Studio Class (29 Jan & 12 Feb 2022)
Jane du Rand Studio Class (29 Jan & 12 Feb 2022)
Jane du Rand Studio Class (29 Jan & 12 Feb 2022)
Jane du Rand Studio Class (29 Jan & 12 Feb 2022)
Jane du Rand Studio Class (29 Jan & 12 Feb 2022)
Jane du Rand Studio Class (29 Jan & 12 Feb 2022)
Jane du Rand Studio Class (29 Jan & 12 Feb 2022)
Jane du Rand Studio Class (29 Jan & 12 Feb 2022)
Jane du Rand Studio Class (29 Jan & 12 Feb 2022)

Jane du Rand Studio Class (29 Jan & 12 Feb 2022)

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Jane du Rand Studio Class (Saturday 29 January & 12 February 2022)

Jane du Rand’s ceramic and mosaic art combines a range of technical and artistic skills to bring the natural world to life within urban environments, and it is this approach that she aims to bring to her new weekly studio class program.

Jane du Rand’s studio classes are an opportunity for students to work on small- to medium-scaled projects with technical challenges appropriate to your own skill level. Students may work to a theme or bring their own new or ongoing projects to the class.

Studio classes take a project-centred approach, with teaching centred on the particular work and learning needs that are demanded by students’ projects. Throughout the year, students will learn new ceramic and mosaic artistic skills to progress their own work, while also benefiting from the group learning environment. Significant time is provided within classes for students to complete their projects, and students may also take work home to progress between classes.

Jane will deliver group instruction sessions during the year to teach fundamental design and technical skills, as well as providing time for one-on-one mentoring and skills development tailored to each student’s own project needs and skill level. Topics covered in the course include:

  • designing and setting out small- to medium-scale artworks, and translating designs into ceramics and mosaics.
  • sculpting ceramic pieces, including mould making, glazing and firing.
  • cutting and placing mosaics looking at choosing colours, shapes, glass mosaics, ceramic tiles and smalti.
  • installing the work, including grouting, finishing off and cleaning the final artwork.

This class is suitable for students with various levels of art experience who are committed to undertaking an extended art training experience. It is recommended that students undertake at least one prior workshop in either ceramic or mosaic art before attending this class; however, it is not necessary to have undertaken workshops in both fields in order to join the class.

All tools and materials required for this course (such as clay, tiles, glazes and underglazes, canvas boards, backing boards, and safety goggles) are supplied; however, a fee is applicable for firing ceramic pieces based on their size at $10/kg. Students will receive a tool box to hold their tools and materials to complete their projects. Students are required to bring a notebook or artist’s journal to class to sketch ideas, make notes and record glazing and under glazing samples and experiments. Students are also required to wear closed shoes.

In 2022, Jane's studio class will run 10–5pm with students required to sign up for blocks of two consecutive classes at a time, which are mostly (but not always) held a fortnight apart. Dates and times for class blocks are as follows:

Block 1. Saturday 29 January & 12 February: 10–5pm

Block 2. Saturday 26 February & 12 March: 10–5pm

Block 3. Saturday 26 March & 23 April: 10–5pm

Block 4. Saturday 14 & 28 May: 10–5pm

Block 5. Saturday 4 & 18 June: 10–5pm

Block 6. Saturday 16 & 30 July: 10–5pm

Block 7. Saturday 13 & 27 August: 10–5pm

Block 8. Saturday 10 September & 15 October: 10–5pm

Block 9. Saturday 22 October & 5 November: 10–5pm

Block 10. Saturday 19 November & 3 December: 10–5pm

About Jane du Rand

Jane du Rand is a ceramic and mosaic artist working from her studio in the Station Road Creative Precinct at Yeerongpilly. Born in Durban, South Africa, she has a Bachelor of Architecture Cum Laude from the University of KwaZulu Natal. Jane has run a ceramic studio for the past 20 years and is best known for her large-scale commissioned ceramic and mosaic artworks in public spaces and on public buildings, as well as a great number of private commissions. She has completed projects throughout Southern Africa, and also in France, the Netherlands, Chile, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

In 2003, Jane won the public art competition at the new Constitutional Court Building in Johannesburg with her proposal to clad the 18 foyer columns with ceramics based on indigenous trees. In 2009, she was nominated as a finalist for the Mercedes Benz Award, South African Art Projects in Public Spaces. In 2017, Jane won the Best Of Show award for her sculpture at the Ipswich Art Awards; and in 2018, won second prize for her sculpture entry.

Jane moved from South Africa to Australia at the beginning of 2014 and is now an Australian citizen.


Cost: $300 for each 2-week block. (Classes do not attract the multi-pass discount)