Large Mosaic Planter Workshop (15 May – 12 June)
Large Mosaic Planter Workshop (15 May – 12 June)
Large Mosaic Planter Workshop (15 May – 12 June)

Large Mosaic Planter Workshop (15 May – 12 June)

Large Mosaic Planter Workshop with Jane du Rand: 2–5pm Saturday 15 May – 12 June.

Mosaic is an ancient art form that uses small pieces of tiles, glass or stone to produce intricately patterned designs. Hand-made mosaics are perfectly suited to garden design due to their exciting colours, dynamic patterns, and hard-wearing finishes. Jane du Rand combines traditional mosaic methods with hand-made ceramic sculptures to create a unique, three-dimensional finish to her art.

This is a 15-hour workshop held over five weeks, and involves every step from design to ceramic to mosaic to complete your finished planter:

Week 1 (15 May): you will design your overall mosaic artwork and draw the botanical ceramic pieces that will feature on your planter and bring them to life using clay. You will have the choice to make leaves, flowers or seeds or other designs using your own selection of decorative finishes and colours, are are encouraged to make as many pieces as you would like to decorate your planter. Your ceramic pieces will be bisque-fired during the week following this first week's class.

Week 2 (22 May): you will glaze your botanical ceramics and start the work of transferring your mosaic design onto your planter, as well as choosing the colour scheme for your design. Jane will teach you the fundamentals of good mosaic design and practice, and show you how to cut the correct mosaic shapes from glass tiles before starting to lay down your first mosaic tiles.

Weeks 3 (29 May): you will attach your botanical ceramics to your planter and cut mosaic tiles to surround your ceramics and integrate them with your broader design.

Week 4 (5 June): you will continue your mosaic work to fill in the spaces between your botanical pieces, using the right tile shapes to realise the shapes in your original design.

Week 5 (12 June): you will complete any last sections of your mosaic before grouting the entire planter and cleaning it. The finished piece can be taken home at the end of this class, or collected from Plant Empire during the week following.

This workshop differs from Jane du Rand's other Mosaic Planter workshops in the size of the planter that you will make, and by providing you with an opportunity to design, make and glaze your own ceramic pieces to feature on your planter. 

Jane will show you how to design and make the mosaics for the planter looking at colour shape and texture. All materials and equipment to make your mosaic will be supplied, including ceramic pieces, mosaic tiles, and a large-size (27cm) terracotta planter to form the foundation for your mosaic art. 

All levels of experience are welcome. This workshop is targeted for adults but also suitable for teenagers; tweens are also welcome to attend when accompanied by an older sibling or guardian. 

Cost: $500 / $450 (Multi-pass)

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