By artist: Tanya Darl

Mixed media on canvas, 60 x 90cm

This artwork includes seed pods and seeds collected by the artist during her many walks, particularly made during the pandemic lockdowns. Hence, the made up name of the artwork, ""Pandewalking "".

About the artist.

Tanya is a painter and photographer. She is inspired by the Australian landscape, including the sparseness of the outback, rainforest, bushland, flowers, rivers and creeks, beaches, Australian streetscape, old houses, and cityscapes. Tanya has done some portraits of some famous Australians including James Morrison and Deborah Conway. She also loves to express her emotions through her artworks and has a semi-abstract style. Recently Tanya has been experimenting with adding more dimensions to her artwork. This includes objects, sound, smell and texture. She is happy to make her art more accessible to all of our senses, and those experiencing disability.

Collection or delivery times.

This item is part of the Plant Empire Garden Art Exhibition, showing from 2-8 October 2021. Exhibition items are available online and in-store, and in the unlikely event that a customer purchases the item in-store at the same time as it is sold online, we will refund the online purchase. Thank you in advance for your understanding if this situation does occur. Exhibition pieces will be available for collection in-store from 9-13 October, or we can arrange for it to be delivered to you using either Australia Post or a courier service at additional charge. Please let us know by email if you would like us to calculate delivery for you prior to purchase.