Under the Bottlebrush

Under the Bottlebrush

Under the Bottlebrush

By artist: Bronwen Jones

Watercolour and ink, A7

A bottlebrush tree hangs lazily over a wooden bench, making a shady place to read. Elements of a “typical” Australian backyard feature (water tank, hills hoist, chooks). One of three pieces, they could be in the same backyard, different places to chase the sun or the shade depending on the season. Or just hide from the parents/kids.

About the artist.

Bronwen Jones has always been creative and scientific in equal measure. A love for biology lead to a Master’s degree in farm revegetation and then to a career in conservation, all the while creating botanical art in watercolour and gouache paints. Science and art have jostled for priority through the years, and these days she is a school scientist by day and a kitchen table watercolour artist by night. Botanical elements feature strongly, reflecting Bronwen’s long term love for Australian native species and ecosystems. Vintage chairs are often present, reflecting her desire to find a quiet place to sit - to rest or chat or share… Geometric patterns and textures add to the richness of each piece, with carefully chosen small details to be discovered by the viewer.

Collection or delivery times.

This item is part of the Plant Empire Garden Art Exhibition, showing from 2-8 October 2021. Exhibition items are available online and in-store, and in the unlikely event that a customer purchases the item in-store at the same time as it is sold online, we will refund the online purchase. Thank you in advance for your understanding if this situation does occur. Exhibition pieces will be available for collection in-store from 9-13 October, or we can arrange for it to be delivered to you using either Australia Post or a courier service at additional charge. Please let us know by email if you would like us to calculate delivery for you prior to purchase.