Plant Empire Market Visual Art

Plant Empire invites creatives to submit visual art to promote each quarterly market. Artwork should capture the creativity and energy of the market, and can take any form providing it can be captured as an image suitable for digital and print promotion.
The winning submission will receive a $200 Plant Empire voucher, a free stall and insurance cover at the market (value $70-75), and acknowledgement on Plant Empire's website and social media.
Entries may be submitted by email to by close of business four (4) weeks before each market for consideration as the promotional visual art for the following market. 
Plant Empire's current visual artist for our Christmas market on 3 December 2023 is Janice Michallet from Indigo JY who has created a mosaic-like design based on tessellations of her handmade soaps. 
Visual Art: Plant Empire Christmas Market, 3 December 2023. Artist: Janice Michallet (Instagram: @indigojy.)
Visual Art: Plant Empire Spring Market, 3 September 2023. Artist: Kai Owens (Instagram: @kaiowens_art.)
Visual Art: Plant Empire Winter Market, 4 June 2023. Artist: Pauline Conlan (Instagram: @junktofunkdesigns)
Visual Art: Plant Empire Autumn Market, 5 March 2023. Artist: Gen Rossouw (Instagram: @jhoomka)
Visual Art: Plant Empire Christmas Market, 4 December 2022. Artist: Hayley Moody (Instagram: @themoodymoose)
Visual Art: Plant Empire Spring Market, 3 September 2022. Artist: Fiona Haynes (Instagram: @fiona_the_collector)
Visual Art: Plant Empire Winter Market, 5 June 2022. Artist: Kirsten Bailey (Instagram: @lava_living)
Visual Art: Plant Empire Autumn Market, 20 March (rescheduled from 6 March) 2022. Artist: Mandy Brooks (Instagram: @mandylouceramics)
Visual Art: Plant Empire Christmas Market, 5 December 2021. Artist: Catherine Nieto Napierai (Instagram: @botanicatopia)
Visual Art: Plant Empire Spring Market, 5 September 2021. Artist: Bronwen E. Jones (Instagram: @bronwen_e_jones)
Visual Art: Plant Empire Winter Market, 6 June 2021. Artist: Krissy Jenkins (Instagram: