Fringe Brisbane 2022


Plant Empire will host its first ever Garden Art Exhibition from 2-8 October 2021 and invites applications from creatives, artists and gardeners to show and sell their work in this exhibition. The deadline for applications is 30 June 2021.


Entries will be displayed and available for sale at Plant Empire’s premises in Yeerongpilly (indoors or outdoors, as appropriate) and/or online.


Prize money of a minimum of $1,000 made up of application entry fees and contributions from sponsor/s and Plant Empire will be awarded to the best entry (or entries). A judging panel selected by Plant Empire’s owner and manager and comprising an expert in the field of art, an expert in the field of gardens, and one Plant Empire customer will decide on the winning entry (or entries). Applicants will be informed of the judging panel prior to judging. The judges’ decision/s will be final.


Applications are invited from creatives, artists and gardeners to show and sell their work in the Plant Empire Garden Art Exhibition. Work must have a connection with nature, broadly conceived, and may use any material, including live plants.

Applicants located outside Brisbane are encouraged to apply. Entries that aren’t able to be displayed at Plant Empire’s premises will be displayed online.

Applications should be sent by email to with a subject line “PEGAE Application: [Applicant’s name]” and the following information in the body of the email:

  1. Applicant’s contact details (name, address, email and phone).
  2. Brief bio of applicant (max 200 words).
  3. Title of work, if applicable.
  4. Type of work (e.g. painting, planter, sculpture, mosaic, jewellery, photograph, garden etc).
  5. Brief description of work (max 100 words).
  6. Supporting images of the work, either as concept drawings, partly or completed work (max 5 MB in size).
  7. Size of work (length x depth x height).
  8. Details of any special installation requirements that might be needed.
  9. Copy of insurance/s held.
  10. Applications must be received by email by 30 June 2021. Successful applications will be notified by email by 31 July 2021.

Successful applications will attract a $20 entry fee which will be pooled as prize money. Entries will be available for sale at a price nominated by its creator, and 30% of the amount received for sold items will be retained by Plant Empire as commission. Plant Empire will process sales of works during the exhibition; however, exhibitors will be invited to staff the exhibition to provide opportunities to interact with customers as part of a shared exhibitor roster over the course of the exhibition.

Applicants will be responsible for installing their artwork, maintaining it for the course of the exhibition (if maintenance is required), and removing it afterwards if it remains unsold.

Plant Empire will not be responsible for any breakages or losses during the exhibition. Applicants displaying works involving sculptures or installations will be required to hold public liability insurance.

Responses to frequently asked questions which may be added from time to time on this webpage form part of the exhibition terms and conditions.


  1. Q: Is it possible to submit more than one application for the exhibition?
    A: Yes.

  2. Q: If I submit more than one application, will I need to pay an application fee for each one?
    A: Yes, each successful application will attract a $20 fee. 

  3. Q: If I submit more than one application, can I send them together in the same email?
    A: No, each application should be submitted in separate emails.

  4. Q: If I submit more than one application, do I need to submit them all at the same time?
    A: No, applications can be submitted at any time up until the deadline.

  5. Q: Can the work to be considered for the upcoming exhibition be prints of original artwork?
    A: No, works included in the exhibition are to be original.

  6. Q: Are there any size restrictions?
    A: No. The warehouse space that we’re using for the exhibition is 215 square metres, with about 10 metres height. We also have a large loading zone space that we can use for pieces that will be secure outdoors.

  7. Q: Can we install prior to the event?
    A: Yes.

  8. Q: What type of insurance do you expect?
    A: Applicants displaying sculptures or installations will be required to hold public liability insurance. We won’t be held responsible for breakages or losses during the exhibition, but it isn’t a requirement for you to hold insurance if you are displaying other low-risk artworks such as paintings.


Please email with any questions regarding this exhibition or the submission process.