Market Application

Interested in being a stallholder at an upcoming Plant Empire Market? We're always looking for new stallholders with exciting products that connect with nature, including plants, ceramics, nature-inspired arts and crafts, food and more. We also welcome applications from artists and creatives who might be able to add to the market experience through music, entertainment and interactive displays. 

Market stalls cost $70 for a 2 square metre space (2 x 1 metre) indoors or $80 for a 9 square metre space (3 x 3 metres) outdoors. We are also able to provide optional insurance cover for a limited number of stalls under our market insurance policy for a $25 fee. You will need to bring all your own equipment, including tables and (for outdoor stalls) a marquee.

Our calendar for stallholder applications in 2024 is provided in the table below.  

Plant Empire Market: Date Applications Open Applications Close Booking Confirmation Stall Fees Due
Autumn Market: Sunday 3 March 2024 4 Dec 2023 4 Jan 2024 11 Jan 2024 18 Jan 2024
Winter Market: 
Sunday 2 June 2024
4 Mar 2024 4 Apr 2024 11 Apr 2024 18 Apr 2024
Spring Market: 
Sunday 1 September 2024
3 Jun 2024 3 Jul 2024 10 Jul 2024 17 Jul 2024
Christmas Market: 
Sunday 1 December 2024
2 Sep 2024 2 Oct 2024 9 Oct 2024 16 Oct 2024

To apply for a stall, new stallholders should send us an email to with the information listed below. If you've had a stall at one of our past markets, we just need an email from you requesting a stall with your updated insurance details. For both new and existing stallholders, please use the following format for your email subject:

Subject: Stallholder Application: Plant Empire Market 3 March 2024 > Your Business Name

  1. Your name
  2. Business name and ABN, if applicable
  3. Address 
  4. Phone number (mobile preferred)
  5. Description of product/s that you would like to sell at the market, plus photos of the products you plan to sell, plus a photo of your stall, if available (max 3 photos with maximum file size of 1 MB in size)
  6. Website and social media handles, if applicable
  7. Details of other markets where you are currently trading or planning to trade 
  8. Details of public liability, product liability or professional insurances (plus copies of certificates of insurance), if applicable, or if you require insurance cover under our policy.
  9. If you are planning to sell food items, please advise what licences you have in place (e.g. Local Council Market Food Permit & Food Safety Supervisor Certificate)
  10. Any specific requirements for your stall (and if they are essential requirements or nice-to-haves)
  11. Your preference for either an indoor or outdoor stall (subject to availability).
  12. Are you proposing to share a stall (see note 1, below)?

Please note:

1. Stalls may be shared with prior approval; however, this information must be included with your application so that we can assess your application jointly. For shared stalls, list include the information above for each person/business sharing the stall. We will liaise with one person for each stall, so please nominate the primary contact with your application.

2. We do not take applications for future market dates, and applications will not be accepted prior to the opening date. Please make a note of the application periods, and hold off on sending your application until applications have opened. 

3. We usually receive more applications than we have space available, so places are not guaranteed. 

4. If you miss the application closing date, you are still welcome to submit an application to join the waiting list in case a spot becomes available.