Paula de la Rua Cordoba and Georgia Walsh Exhibition: Between You & Me (3–23 May 2024)

"Between You & Me" is an exhibition of ceramic sculptures by Paula de la Rua Cordoba and drawings by Georgia Walsh. Employing the botanical form and the human figure, the artworks in this exhibition play with multiple layers of meaning associated with language and our cultural approach to life.

Using the exhibition platform behind a window, the artists symbolically question the artificial barrier imposed between art and the viewer. The artworks explore a critical vision of Western modernity as expounded by sociologist Boaventura de Sousa Santos in his publication "Beyond Abyssal Thinking". The exhibition interrogates the artificial compartmentalisation of life and knowledge, emphasising the inherent relationship between us and the "exotic other". 

Where to see the art

"Between You & Me" will be on display in Plant Empire’s Glasshouse Gallery from 3 May 2024, and artworks will be available to purchase from Plant Empire. 

Georgia Walsh and Paula de la Rua Cordoba: Between You & Me
3–23 May 2024
Plant Empire Glasshouse Gallery
281 Station Rd, Yeerongpilly

Purchased works from this exhibition will be available for collection or delivery in the week following the exhibition.

About the artists

Paula de la Rua Cordoba is a Brisbane-based ceramicist and sculptor passionate about nature and plants, working with porcelain and wood to create large and intricate botanical scale sculptures and art installations. Paula is originally from Argentina and grew up in Barcelona, Spain as a political exile and has an ingrained sense of identity related to the political landscape. She is also a PhD candidate and her research focusses on the subjugation of nature through the reconfiguration of flora, the process of decolonisation, and investigates the politicising of plants through the material thinking and handling of clay and collage.

Paula's artistic style of expression uses complex forms, bold ornamentation and the juxtaposition of contrasting elements often conveying a sense of drama, movement and tension. She attempts to redress the imbalance created by anthropocentrism and allow nature to be seen as a dynamic subject rather than a passive object in art.

Follow Paula on Instagram @designscordoba.

Georgia Walsh is a Badtjala woman descendant of the Wondunna family of K'Gari, with German heritage on her mother’s side. Georgia creates life drawing and self-portraitures, interrogating the precipice of class, privilege and agency. Her work explores the complexities and nuances of contemporary and historical mixed-race identity through hand-made processes in print making, and drawing.

In a career spanning more than 10 years in the Brisbane cultural precinct, Georgia has worked as a tertiary educator, community arts worker and Curator, and currently runs regional arts outreach programs for First Nations youth, Teachers, artists and museum and gallery workers.

Follow Georgia on Instagram @sovereign_archive.