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Bioganic Earth - Green Wall & Propagation Blend (25L)
Bioganic Earth - Green Wall & Propagation Blend (25L)

Bioganic Earth - Green Wall & Propagation Blend (25L)

Bioganic Earth is an ultra premium potting mix made locally by Eco-Environment here in Brisbane, and is Plant Empire's "go to" potting mix when potting plants up for our customers. This special formulation of Bioganic Earth has a finer texture and higher moisture-holding capacity, making it the ideal option for propagation and green walls.

Bioganic Earth is a biological organic-based product designed for a range of plants and planting conditions. You only have to see and feel Bioganic Earth to know that it is different from so-called "premium" potting mixes you see elsewhere. It retains moisture without being wet, and it has excellent drainage while also being able to maintain its structure over the long-term. 

This growing mix is a combination of long lasting sustainable media organic rock substrates that do not slump, and will remain robust for 2-5 years. Bioganic Earth contains enough slow-release nutrients to feed and maintain plant health for up to 2-years, as well as being suitable for use with semi-hydroponic and foliar-feed systems. This combination of factors mean that you won't need to re-pot or feed plants as often as you would with a lesser grade potting mix.

Bioganic Earth is carefully manufactured through the selection of fully composted materials, soil enhancers and microbial inoculants. All Bioganic Earth mixes contain environmentally sustainable organic wetting agents and a composite of soil conditioners, cation exchange enhancers and bio-chars, which means they are optimised to transfer moisture and nutrients from the soil to your plants.

Bioganic Earth is also available in a Podium & Container Blend which is suitable for all raised bed and container planting.